Hi there!

When I mentioned to both my husband and my best friend that I wanted to start a new blog, they both responded with the understandable "don't you already have a bunch of blogs?" And yes, I do already have other blogs, that I love dearly and enjoy going back through whenever I have a bit of free time. I started my first blog when we bought our little foreclosure house a few years ago as a way of journaling all the projects we were doing and keeping our friends and family out of town up to date with our happenings. When the boy proposed last Christmas I started a wedding blog before we even had a date because I was literally obsessed with a ton of wedding blogs already and couldn't wait to have my own. I absolutely loved keeping track of all the DIY projects I tackled for the wedding, but as anyone that followed along could see, I sort of fell off on the recaps shortly after the big day because it was simply just a lot to take in and write down. 

So with the wedding over and the house projects dwindling, I was left with the continued desire to blog and no forum to really do so, as I had it in my head that both of my existing sites were structured more specifically and I just wanted somewhere to post about whatever I want. With that, Cakes & Louie was born - this morning, to be exact! Named after the two guys I spend my life with - the huz (that'd be Dan, who I call Cakes, and will likely not be thrilled that I'm announcing that), and our puppy (that'd be Louie) - this blog isn't about any one specific thing, and I am already excited about that. I'll write about DIY projects when I do them, link to things I love on the other blogs that I read on a daily basis, post recipes when I actually manage to cook a meal at home - anything goes. I've decided that this year is going to be fabulous, and I'm looking forward to documenting it all for whomever decides to read along!