Change of plans

Well, girls weekend didn't happen, thanks to me coming down with a ridiculous cold/flu kind of thing Thursday that had me miserable and in bed most of Friday. Thankfully, I already had the day off of work since I was supposed to go out of town, so I did a lot of sleeping and catching up on my DVR. Today, I'm finally feeling pretty much back to normal, and I'm heading down to the city for a meeting this afternoon. Following that, I'm getting my first ever real "headshots" done by a friend from work and I am NER-vous, to say the least. I am insanely awkward in front of the camera and usually make up for that by just making faces, but that's not going to fly this time. Here's hoping I'm able to look at least partially natural for a couple of shots. If so, maybe I'll post one here later to make up for the lack of a picture today :).