Happy Friday!

I can't decide if I think this week went by quickly or not, but either way, I'm excited it's the weekend! We're heading out for dinner and drinks tonight to celebrate my cousin's birthday, I have a meeting tomorrow that I am super excited about, and we have a meeting on Sunday to kick off fundraising efforts for this summer's service trips.

Here's a few random things I wanted to share to end the week -

I made Noble Pig's Glazed Doughnut Muffins last night to share at work this morning, and they're currently tempting me from a few feet away on my desk.

Thanks to Danielle, I found out this morning that the very very well-missed Domino Magazine will be publishing a special edition this April! Eek!

Sydney from The Daybook posted this AMAZING scrubby outfit that I definitely plan to replicate on Sunday - I'll just ignore the fact that I'll probably look like a moron and go with it.

And since I always love a good deal - Coastal Contacts is still running their "first pair free" promotion where (with code: FIRSTPAIRFREE) you can literally get a pair of glasses for the cost of shipping. My beloved nerd glasses are from there and cost me a whopping $14, and I think I'll finally force myself to settle on another pair of frames this weekend since my father in law offered to order them for me so I can use the promo code. He's a great guy like that.

Here's a few pairs I'm thinking about. My current pair is tortoiseshell so I'm sort of leaning towards the black since they're a little more bold. What do you think?

Have a great weekend!!!