Little Things

I love when little things that only take a few minutes make a difference. On Saturday I wrapped pretty scrapbook paper that I bought at a craft show years ago around a boring candle and it looked instantly better on our dresser. I'm not usually one to light candles often but this new one I got at Bath & Body Works smells SO good, and the fancy box of matches I grabbed at West Elm even makes lighting it pretty.

My pals Lauren and Tom were out in my neighborhood this afternoon and were kind enough to bring me a piece of leftover burlap from their wedding so I could knock out another little project this evening.  My dad recently gave me an old fork and knife that were wedding gifts to my late grandmother. The pieces are pretty small for silverware and didn't have any others with them, so I decided they were perfect to frame. I got a white shadowbox frame at Hobby Lobby and used adhesive glue dots to stick the pieces to the burlap. I'm not totally crazy about the finished frame on the kitchen cart, but it didn't look right hung on the wall. And speaking of the walls - don't mind the color (which I regret ever choosing)... I'm working on changing that ;)

Did anyone else tackle any projects this weekend - big or small? We also finally hung up our DIY headboard, and I loved curling up in bed with a book and leaning against it for the first time last night!