The Little Things

I've realized that on Fridays it's often the little things from the week that stick out in my head. Things I'm thankful for, things I remember, things I'd like to do over the weekend, things that made the week a little better. Here's my little things from this week -

- This article from Mashable about the Top 10 Most Followed Brands on Pinterest, found through a "Cool Reads" email at work. Also check out the Top 10 Most Followed Pinterest USERS. My Pinterest feed is thanking me for all of the new goodies I'm seeing thanks to following several of the boards from these articles.

- I have several new blogs to read, thanks to all of the fun Chicago Bloggers I met at The Everygirl kickoff get together on Wednesday! Favorites include Taylor's Curly in the City and Jen's Darling Notes.

- Speaking of Pinterest, according to my boards my colored pants obsession is clearly not going anywhere anytime soon. I plan on doing whatever it takes to find some mint green (and maybe blush pink) jeans this weekend.

- A mama colleague of mine saw my note on facebook asking for empty baby food jars so I can DIY a smaller version of the popular Anthropologie chalkboard spice jars. She brought 6 adorable little jars in for me this week that I can't wait to paint - maybe even as soon as tonight.

- I may get bold and DIY another project this weekend, in the form of Say Yes to Hoboken's super simple DIY gold toe flats. It helps that I've already been eyeing the exact pair of purple flats at Target that she used for this project, and I think I already have gold spray paint leftover from when I was a gold digger for Halloween a few years ago (thanks for that Kayne).

What are your plans for the weekend?