Looking forward

There are so many things coming up over the next couple of months that I absolutely cannot wait for.

2.15 - TODAY - I'm going to be an aunt!! I technically already have 2 nieces and 2 nephews now that Dan and I are married, but this will be first one where I am an aunt right from the day the little cutie is born. Eek!

2.18-2.20 - Girls weekend in Sheboygan with some of my favorite ladies. We're planning on eating a lot of food, drinking a lot of wine, and I'm sure doing a lot of talking. I'm already feeling relaxed just thinking about it!

2.22 - The Everygirl launches! I've been waiting for this since the day I heard about it... and I'm sure I'm not the only blogger that feels that way.

2.25 - West Elm + Etsy event, curated by Alaina of Live Creating Yourself. Crafty people and West Elm all in one place - kind of sounds like heaven on Earth if you ask me.

3.10 - My favorite day of the year - Forest Park St. Patrick's Day. If you don't know about this event and you're local, shoot me a note. Good times.

Who else has things they're looking forward to over the next few weeks?

(Image from a bad link on Pinterest... but I'm assuming it's a Katie Daisy design) :)