So Close

I'm taking a cue from Danielle, one of my favorite Chicago bloggers, and working to infuse more color into my life in 2012, mostly in the form of clothing. This weekend's color included busting out my brand new purple jeans ($14 at Forever 21 = awesome cheap find in my book!), and painting my nails Saturday morning with a fun teal and a couple coats of sparse gold glitter.

I decided to kick off this week with a new book - Has anyone ever read the book "E", by Matt Beaumont? My boss lent it to me and while I originally thought I may not like it because it is composed entirely of emails - no paragraphs of content here folks - I cracked it open on the train this morning and am already hooked. Perhaps it's because the setting is an advertising agency and I keep finding myself comparing the book's characters to people I work with, but I definitely think I'm going to enjoy it!

Did anybody else take part in any kind of Superbowl betting? I always buy a couple of squares from our office pool because it makes watching the game more interesting, and as usual I was *this close* to winning nearly every quarter and ended up with nothing. Darn those football plays I've never even heard of (2-point conversion anyone?)