Almost Perfect

Given that we had nearly 40 people coming over bright and early Saturday morning for breakfast, I naturally decided that Friday night would be the perfect time to get a new couch and sort of "makeover" the living room. (Insert Dan - and Bridget - groaning here). Seeing as I have been unhappy with our old couch for quite some time, it's not like this was a brand new idea, but the timing was certainly not ideal. Thankfully, despite me being just a little bit crazy about the entire situation, Dan and Bridget humored me and we took a late night trip out to Ikea where after some debate and sitting on all the showroom couches 10 times we settled on the Kivik Sofa with a Teno light gray cover. It's super comfy, the cover is completely removable for easy cleaning, it passed Dan's "cuddle test" (can we both lay down together without someone falling off?), and the price was great.

I am in love.

As you can see, we also finished up our craigslist coffee table on Friday and between that and the couch I'm downright giddy in our updated living room. Thanks to Dan sanding the heck out of the top, we decided to go ahead and go with the original plan of a white base with a stained top like Centsational Girl, and I'm so glad we did. I genuinely like it so much that I think I may be over my infatuation with the $500 West Elm table I mentioned last week!

The entire room looks 100 times better (in my opinion at least) thanks to the neutral table and the lower-profile couch. Next up is figuring out something else to put in our nonworking fireplace since I'm over the candle thing you can see in the background of the image above, and getting a thin piece of plywood that I can paint an orangey-red and staple-gun to the back of the bookshelf for some easy cord hiding. And then, I can consider the living room "done" and move on to another space in the house ;).