Coming Up

I spent the majority of my weekend with 100+ high school teens at church for a retreat, and loved every single second of it. Yesterday, in an attempt to recover, Dan and I ran a couple of quick errands and took a walk to the dog park with Louie before spending a solid 3 hours on the couch catching up on our DVR and eating cereal and Zoku pops. My only complaint is that I have a sore throat that as of this morning I'm pretty sure is going to turn into more. Rats.

I am excited, though, that I'm just about ready to kick off some of the new blog ideas that I mentioned last week - hopefully as soon as tomorrow! I promise whatever it is I post will involve plenty of pictures, seeing as I've had a bit of a lull with that recently.

Happy Monday friends! I hope you're enjoying the gorgeous weather as much as I'm hoping to.