The Little Things

I had big plans to wear my brand new blush pink jeans today for work... and then I woke up to rain and was so exhausted I didn't want to put any effort into looking cute. What is it about rainy days that make it SO much harder to get out of bed? My trusty Hunter boots saved the day.

Dan was home Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday night this week, which meant dinners at home and lots of hanging out and catching up instead of playing around online. I'm sure I missed some fun things on my favorite sites and blogs, but I would so much rather spend my time with him, and I'm loving his "not as busy" season, which I know only lasts a very short time.

Here's a few little things I did see this week that I loved -

Hipster Branding, spotted by Alaina.

Painted-back bookshelves. Hoping I can tackle this project this weekend!

Minimilist Lego ads. So awesome.

My sister and I laughed for a long time at someecards late last night. I love sleepovers with her.

Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? I'm looking forward to lots of time with friends!