My Heaven on Earth

I've mentioned it here enough for everyone to already know that Target is what I consider my heaven on earth. Call me crazy, but the idea of being able to walk into ONE store and walk out with groceries, a new pair of flats, toothpaste, a skirt for an upcoming party, a light for my kindle AND a new throw pillow - all for about $60 total - really just amazes me. Sadly, my favorite Target buddy, Bridget, gave it up for Lent (it was getting bad), so while I have been in a couple of times for actual necessities, there hasn't been a whole lot of fun trolling around the store finding deals on the clearance endcaps in awhile. I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if some junior level data guy has been tasked with finding out why sales have dropped so drastically in the last few weeks thanks to Bridget and I not hitting up our favorite place every 72 hours or so.

I like to think that Target was thinking of Bridget and I when they came up with this FABULOUS commercial, which I have watched no less than 10 times since I saw it yesterday.

So, while both of us need to chill out on the spending overall and not just for 40 days, I'm counting down the days til Easter. I think Target will be happy to have us back.