With warmer weather teasing us into a potential Chicago spring, I'm already looking forward to short sleeves, sandals and maybe a pair of shorts or two. Around our house, I've been trying to bring in a little plant life and plan on buying a bright bunch of fresh flowers in the next couple of days to celebrate the temperature pushing 70. Buddy Louie and I hung out on the front porch on Sunday with the windows open and a breeze coming in - talk about necessary.

We're also rejoicing in the warmer weather by making popsicles with Dan's new favorite toy - the Zoku! This awesome little quick-pop maker freezes pretty much whatever you put in it in 7 minutes flat, for ridiculously simple and quick desserts anytime. So long sugary store-bought popsicles! Goodbye to the days of me getting mad that Dan stole the last cherry one! Bring on healthier dessert with endless possibilities.

I was thrilled yesterday when I found the Zoku blog full of recipes, and obviously excited when I immediately spotted a concoction for mimosa pops. I have a feeling our Zoku is going to become a regularly-used little gadget in our house.

Berry mojito pops

Mimosa pops

Strawberry lime pops

Cantaloupe mint pops
All images from Zoku | The Blog

Does anyone else have a Zoku? Do you love it as much as I think we're going to?