On The Everygirl

The Everygirl feature that I assisted on is today's posted feature!

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of tagging along with Danielle to Sam Saifer-Berngard's stunning condo for her feature photoshoot, and it was a blast. I loved seeing Danielle in action with her camera, considering I barely know how to take mine off of auto mode and every photo she takes is incredible. Sam and I hit it off right away when we learned that we shared a wedding date, and it was fun to reminisce about waking up to rain on our big day and being greeted with perfect temperatures and sunshine by the time our ceremonies rolled around. Now that her feature is up, I had the chance to read more about her this morning and I am nothing short of impressed. This girl is IMPRESSIVE. I absolutely cannot believe everything Sam has done in her career so far, and I have no doubts that there is much more to come from her in the future. I love her overall outlook on success - illustrated beautifully here by The Everygirl -

Head on over to The Everygirl and read Sam's full feature
It's perfect inspiration for a Monday!