I have had the busiest week ever, and it's barely half over!

Monday, I pushed aside my extreme fear of broken glass and attended a mosaic class with Bridget. I attempted to make the universal sign for "hurricane" out of itty bitty pieces of glass as a nod to the Hurricane Relief Service Trip where I fell head over heels for Dan.

I'm no artist, but I kinda love how it turned out. I even managed to get a couple of pieces to break with a rounded edge exactly how I wanted them too thanks to a few tricks they taught us!

Last night, Bridget and I sat 3rd row at Jersey Boys and we giggled when we realized the guy playing Frankie Valli was checking her out BIG TIME during the last few numbers :). Given how sitting so close to the stage made me feel like I was really "in" the experience, I think I'm officially over buying just any ticket I can get my hands on for shows. Uh oh.

Tonight we're headed to a dinner in preparation for the Goombay Bash. Mary invited us because we're creative and willing to talk to just about anyone (sounds about right), and I get to break in one of my new Banana Republic dresses that I got on super sale at the outlet last week.

Tomorrow night I have a few things to crank out for The Everygirl, and a TON of laundry to put away. Maybe I'll even get bold and eat a meal at home. Crazy.

Friday night we're attending our good friend Jeff's annual auction for Catholic Charities. Another excuse to wear another new dress, and lots of fun auction items to pretend we have money to bid on. ;)

Sunday morning I'm tagging along on an Everygirl photoshoot, which I am quite literally slaphappy giddy about, given what it's for. 

Oh, and this is all happening coming off of a whirlwind 4 days in Dallas last week! I'd hinted at a birthday surprise for Dan earlier, and I shockingly managed to pull it off. We woke up bright and early on his birthday Thursday and he opened his gift right away... a new backpack with plane tickets to Dallas for that night in one of the pockets!

We've been saying for years that we needed to get down to Dallas as two of Dan's brothers have moved out that way, but we've just never found the time or the money to make it happen. So, I just decided to go for it and thanks to a ton of texts, emails and phone calls between myself and my awesome brothers (and father)-in-law, the trip went off without a hitch and I got to show Dan how special he is to me. I usually feel like I fall short on celebrating him on his birthdays, but he is just so darned laid back and hard to shop for it's tough to plan something really good!  

My favorite shot from the weekend - the ferris wheel at Fair Park + an Instagram filter:

Cheers to a crazy fun week, friends!