Takes the Cake

I had a slight infatuation with my ice cream maker right after our wedding, and then it sat in the freezer untouched for a few months while we were breezing through the easiest Chicago winter I can remember. Last week, my sister pointed out that we hadn't made ice cream in awhile, and I had to agree. Although I planned on making a plain old vanilla bean recipe (we've made it before and it was delicious), she thought we should try something different and came up with the idea of making cake batter ice cream. After a quick Pinterest search we decided to go with directions from my favorite food blogger - Annie's Eats.

Annie does have a cake batter ice cream recipe, but I'm weird about using eggs in ice cream, so we used her standard vanilla recipe that is without eggs and just added in yellow cake mix instead of a vanilla bean. We forced ourselves to follow the directions to let the mixture chill in the fridge for an hour before putting it in the ice cream maker, and I'm glad we did. Eventually, we had delicious cake batter soft serve, which we scooped into glasses and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles for an AMAZING cake batter milkshake dessert with Bridget and Rachel.

I put the leftovers in a tupperware and stirred some extra sprinkles in before popping it in the freezer, and we finished it off in "normal" ice cream form last night. None of us could decide if we liked the milkshakes or ice cream better, but seeing as I still have heavy cream and an open box of cake mix laying around, I'm thinking another batch of this will be in my near future!