What I Wore

I'm not quite willing to do a typical outfit post where I have my guy take pictures of me in different "natural" poses outside while I try not to look at the camera and casually tuck my hair behind my ear... and let's be honest, nobody else wants to see that either! Thankfully, there's Pinterest, and all I have to do is search for a couple of keywords and find a cute photo of someone else with a similar outfit. Done and done.

Today's outfit - my super bright, super fun Old Navy coral skinny jeans; my super comfy, super versatile chambray shirt (also from Old Navy); a lightweight navy jacket that I scored at Loft for literally $4 last year; and brown flats from the Gap outlet. In other words - almost exactly the outfit below, only this girl looks way cuter :) -

I of course got to thinking about how else I can wear my coral jeans, and Kendi gave me all sorts of ideas -

And then I found these on Pinterest -

My colored jeans are quite literally my favorite clothing items these days. Anyone else also hooked on this trend?