Abby Larson on The Everygirl

Truth be told, I've been a fan of Abby Larson and her infamous site Style Me Pretty for much longer than I should probably admit. I found Style Me Pretty long before I was engaged, and have continued to read it and swoon over every single image regardless of the fact that I am now married and therefore done with major wedding planning. It's interesting that I was never the kind of girl that dreamed about her wedding as a kid, but once I met Dan that all went out the window and I spent a ridiculous amount of my free time online by myself and with my girlfriends looking at rings and dresses and flowers and centerpieces. I knew from day one with Dan that I would marry him, and Style Me Pretty was my dream world where I could fantasize about our big day while scrolling through glorious images full of picture perfect weddings.  I imagine that at least to a point, this is exactly what Style Me Pretty is all about - inspiration, dreams, fantasies, love - and that is what makes it so incredibly successful.

Today, Abby is featured over on The Everygirl as part of Wedding Week, and while reading her interview I was immediately inspired and calmed. Her insight is spot-on, her advice is so enlightening, and I am enamored by how real she seems. Even with my wedding months in the past, I find myself drawn to Style Me Pretty every time my mind wanders to my dreams of becoming a wedding planner. It's words like those below from Abby that make that seem like a reality. And even just for that glimmer of hope, I am forever grateful.