I fell in love with a pair of bright pink sandals at The Everygirl wedding photo shoot I assisted on, but at $69 there was no way I would ever purchase these spunky little Dolce Vita flats.

Enter my savior - the one and only Target (who's surprised?) - and their awesome summer lineup, which I was giddy to find out last night includes a pretty good knockoff of the DV shoe, complete with a teeny tiny $14.99 price tag and a fun variety of colors.

Sure there's an extra strap in the expensive pair, and an extra little bit of gold at the toe, but the shoe overall is virtually the same. The obvious show-stealer is the gold bar accent that is sure to pop against tan feet and a fun pedi color - and that's there in both options. And, given how fast I go through a pair of sandals I just can't imagine the DV pair is worth the investment. Heck, you could buy a pair of EACH color from Target and still save money if you wanted! That, my friends, is (another) clear-cut Target win in my book.