Birthday Sequins

I found this beauty thanks to the ever-inspiring Pinterest tonight, and immediately decided it is the absolute perfect dress for my big 3-0, which is coming up quickly at the end of the summer.

Of course with some digging I found out that I am a year behind (shocking), and the dress is from J. Crew several seasons ago. Sad trombone. Anyone know of something similar available now?

While it's a little crazy to think about the fact that I'm going to be 30, I'm truly looking forward to it. My 20's treated me well what with meeting Dan, falling in love and getting married, buying a house, getting a puppy, landing a job at an amazing company that I'm grateful to still be with 4.5 years later, solidifying some incredible friendships and continuing to watch my little sister grow into a beautiful too-smart-for-her-own-good teen. But, I've dealt with a lot of random health issues through my 20's - I was literally dizzy for 2 years at one point! - and I still feel like I'm not quite comfortable in my own skin thanks to 13 years of acne and lots of ups and downs with how I feel overall. My early 20's are tainted with serious depression following a breakup, and it's made me hyper-aware of any rash negative thoughts that cross my mind now. I've written about my anxiety here before, and a recent round of blood work indicates that I have super low levels of vitamin D, which could account for my literally always wanting to sleep and being even more sluggish than usual in recent months. It's becoming increasingly obvious that I need to take better care of myself, and I truly hope that as my 20's come to an end I can figure out what exactly that means for me. I need to start a vitamin regimen, eat a little better and once and for all find some kind of exercise that I enjoy and stick to it. I'm looking forward to kicking off my 30's happy, healthy, surrounded by the many many blessings I have... and wearing sequins, of course.