I realized the other day that I didn't even mention here that I was going on my second service trip of the summer last week. Apologies to the three people that may have been wondering where I was! I spent my week in the gorgeous mountains of Louisa, Kentucky as an adult volunteer with our church and the Appalachia Service Project. I went on this trip once before with Dan several years ago and it was miserable, so I've avoided going back for quite some time. I am so so SO glad I changed my mind and decided to go again this year - the entire week was amazing and I was nowhere near ready to come home when Saturday morning rolled around. There's a ton of pictures floating around on facebook already and I'll try to post some here soon!

While we were gone, this was happening at home.

That, my friends, is my current disaster of a kitchen, sans-pantry! We decided to bite the bullet and get demo going with our contractor while we were out of town, knowing that Louie would already be at my Dad's and therefore out of the way. Being out of town also meant one less week of us having to eat every meal out since the kitchen is a mess and our dishes are stacked on every available surface in the living room and dining room. Needless to say, I am insanely excited about this project, and it was such a thrill to come home to a MUCH larger looking space! I can't wait to chop some veggies or whip up a batch of ice cream on all that extra counter space we're gaining. In the meantime, I'll continue taking lots of pictures to document the excitement here :).

Happy Monday!