Say yes to the... granite

The week before last, I got sent on an out of the office excursion for a day, and managed to squeeze in a trip to a place I found on craigslist that claimed to have "TONS!!!!" of granite remnants.

They had two.

Shockingly though, one of them was literally straight out of my dreams. An insanely gorgeous, marbled gray piece with a ridiculous amount of character and swirls of pattern and color running through it. I'm not exaggerating when I say I wanted to hug it, and I may or may not have spent several minutes drooling over it.

Tell me this isn't stunning:

I left with a sample and my fingers crossed that when I got the quote it would be affordable. Seeing as it was the very first place I went looking for a deal (since Home Depot and even HOBO were well out of our non-existent budget), I did a decent job of not getting my hopes up. Eventually, the guy called me with a $775 quote. Ouch. Great price for granite that's usually upwards of $60 a square foot. Not a great price for cheapskates like Dan and I. Womp.

I told the guy we'd have to think about it and waited. He called me while we were in Kentucky and I turned on the charm and explained that (1) it wasn't in our budget, (2) I completely understand this is already a low price for a piece like this and (3) if I'm going to buy a remnant I was expecting to save a LOT of money over a typical store, not just $100 or so.

He texted me a few minutes later with a drop to $600. I literally didn't even ASK them to drop the price, and just like that I saved $175. That's my kind of bargaining. 

After some back and forth both with the granite guy and my favorite guy (that'd be Dan), and an early morning trip to check out another place that was WAY more expensive, we decided today to go for it. Eek!!! This kitchen update is getting more and more amazing every day, and now I really really can't wait to see how it all comes together.