Making do

It occurred to me this weekend that planning to start kitchen demo while we were out of town was quite possible one of the smartest decisions the hubs and I have ever made together. We've only been IN town and actually dealing with not having a kitchen (which really has translated into not really having a downstairs at all - living room and dining room included) for one measly little week, and I am going bananas. I can only imagine what kind of mood I would be in these days if we had been around for the entire first week of this process too. Poor Buddy Louie just doesn't know what to do with himself either since we've been corralling him in different parts of the upstairs and the front porch depending on where the commotion is. Thankfully, we found a great deal for doggy daycare all last week so he was pretty worn out in the evenings and just slept a lot.

We're making do with what we have and for the most part, it's pretty amusing. We've been eating out way more than we'd like, but when we are home Dan will throw something on the grill and we'll eat upstairs in the office at one of our desks. We tried to grill a pizza last night and it was a bit of a disaster thanks to not having anywhere to actually roll out the dough, so I ended up eating a late night bowl of my beloved Cheerios on the dining room floor, which Dan thought warranted a picture.

Yes, yes I am sitting on a plastic Target bag. The floor is dirty from all the demo dust!

The good news is that we can (sort of) see the finish line. Our awesome contractor was at the house ALL day yesterday working on the floor patching, which is looking good. He was also planning to sand the drywall yesterday, so I'm hoping that happens this morning. My amazing beautiful granite is potentially getting installed tomorrow, and the new cabinets are supposed to come by Wednesday where they will be painted along with all the existing ones. We've decided to save money and tackle painting the walls ourselves, so if all goes as planned we'll be doing that this weekend. And THEN... it'll be time to get creative and figure out where everything is going to go in our "new" kitchen!