Work in Progress

It's been awhile since I've posted any progress on our kitchen makeover, and I realized I had a fun "almost done" Instagram picture up on my Facebook that I could swipe to share over here!


Isn't it preeeeetty?? I am in love, and it's not even finished yet!

Here's where we're at -
- Obviously, the cabinet doors are missing. We ended up doing the cabinet sanding and painting ourselves (not happy about this, but also not as big of a pain as I was anticipating), and decided that getting the framing done and being able to put everything away was our main priority. So, the doors are currently stacked up in the garage waiting to be done - hopefully we'll make some major progress on them this week!

- The contractor still needs to come back and do SOMETHING with the new chunk of floor, which you can see in front of the fridge above. Whatever it is he did with it thus far isn't satisfactory to us at all, so more work will need to be done. Again, not happy about this, and I will honestly cry if it makes a big mess again... but hopefully it won't be too big of a disaster.

- A water line for the ice maker in the freezer still has to be put in. Yet again, not happy about this. Buddy Louie loves ice cubes, so he's probably not too happy about it either.

- We haven't started looking too seriously yet, and will need to look over our budget before buying anything, but a tile backsplash is definitely coming. Given the awesome but slightly busy marbling of the granite, I'm thinking we'll end up with some nice and simple white subway tile. We'll also be DIY-ing this... so fingers crossed it's not an insanely difficult project. I'm already looking forward to the finished product!

- Our current track lighting should technically be extended so the fridge and tall cabinet in the corner aren't so shadowed and dark. This will most likely be something we do down the line, but it's at the bottom of the priority list for now.

- You can't see it here, but I still have to get a new window treatment of some sort. As I noted to Dan last night "I am OVER plastic mini-blinds". Gross.

- I still have to decorate a little! But, I consider this fun, so no complaints here. We ended up not using a pot rack (it crowded the space too much), so I need some artwork of some sort for over the kitchen cart, and I am 85% sure I still want to DIY a big long chalkboard in the little nook. Also to come somewhere down the line - hardware for the cabinets. That is, if I can ever settle on what I want.

While there's still a lot of work to do, the good news is that the first floor of our house is nearly back to normal, and we can happily start cooking meals at home again and enjoying them in the dining room!