Knockoff: Polka Dot Chambray

I'm super excited with the fact that there seems to be a rush of polka dotted items in the lineups for many of my favorite store's Fall lines. I kicked off the season's shopping with Bridget the other night with a quick trip to the Old Navy and Gap stores right by our houses, and snatched up a new polka dot chambray shirt to pair with all of my colored skinny jeans in the cooler weather ahead.

J.Crew has a nearly identical shirt for a ridiculous $88, and thanks to a coupon I got mine from Old Navy for less than $20. Maybe it's the fact that I thoroughly enjoy a good steal on an item I love, get a thrill out of using a coupon, or simply make less money than other women, but I flat out do not understand why anyone would ever buy ONE shirt for $88 when they could get the exact same style for a fraction of the cost. Love me a good deal!

And speaking of polka dots, I cannot WAIT to try this insanely simple DIY that's sweeping the blogosphere. I've got 3 identical pairs of dark skinny jeans from Forever 21 that ran me a whopping $10.50 apiece, so thanks to inspiration from The Average Girl's Guide I will be tackling a pair with some bleach just as soon as I do some laundry :).