Best. Husband. Ever.

I've been raving about the hubs a whole lot lately, and for good reason. Last night, he stayed up extra late helping me re-style the mantle so I could enter a contest that I likely have no actual chance of winning. If that's not love, I don't really know what is.

Isn't it pretty?

I figured that a photo of the mantle would look much better without a TV as the focal point, so I grabbed a couple pieces of foamcore and we got to work poking holes through it with a screwdriver and sticking white twinkle lights through each one. For how pretty the front of this looks, the back is a total mess of chevron duct tape and wires. Awesome. The original plan was to then cover the board in a thin white fabric, but we both agreed that we liked it good enough without. 

The other star of the display is my lovely owl statue from West Elm that's probably a little big for the space, but he's just so darned classic and wintery looking I had to have him up there. I will likely return the urn thing that my little rosemary tree from Trader Joe's is sitting in, but thanks to me waiting til just days before Christmas it was on super sale and may end up sticking around. And see that fun gold bow wrapped around it? Dan made that for me. See? I told you he was the best.

Now here's where you come in. The contest goes until New Years Eve and here's the best part - the winner will be solely determined by Facebook votes. So even though there's awesome bloggers on there with mantles that honestly blow mine out of the water, if I still manage to get the most votes, I win!!! And the prize is amazing. As in, a vintage brass square trunk that would literally take my living room to an entirely new level. So, pretty pretty please with a cherry on top click on over to Facebook and vote for me! You do have to 'like' Emily Henderson to do so, but she's pretty awesome and doesn't post often, and you can 'unlike' right after voting if you want. 

CLICK HERE TO VOTE! Just find my name in the entries and vote for me!

Happy Holidays friends. I hope you enjoy lots and lots of time with family and friends - which is exactly what I'm planning on myself. :)