Baby Brain

Alright, it's time for me to come clean. I have baby brain. And I know of exactly two people that read this blog that will be excited to read this (Hi mom! Helllllo Lauren!). But don't get too excited ladies, it's more like I have baby STUFF brain, not exactly I-want-a-little-bundle-of-joy-of-my-own brain. Yet.

Here's the thing. Since people I know have been having babies for awhile now, I've had a pretty constant stream of excuses to head into the baby department when I'm out shopping and squeal at the little bitty clothes and shoes and things. The stuff for babies is just SO darned cute! And don't even get me started on all the miniature hats and fleece jumpsuits with animal ears on the hoods. I canNOT walk away from those things. Ever.

Then there's Pinterest. The never ending feed of gorgeous nurseries and adorable toddlers in preppy clothes that are clearly styled for the camera and probably never actually look so perfect in real life. But they make a 30-year old woman dream. Can you blame me?

And then you add in comments like "You know, once you hit 35 it's waaaaay more likely you'll have pregnancy complications" (thanks Dr. Aris) and "I'm so proud of you for joining a gym... and next, you can get pregnant!" (love you Gramma), and it's tough not to think about how someday in the not too far away future, we'll probably have a little one of our own.

And then I have a panic attack.

And then I remember all the cute stuff that babies require, and I calm down. A little.

So, full disclosure - over the last year or so I've picked up a few little baby items that are stashed in a drawer for later. Just a few. You know, for my non-existent baby. And since the most recent purchase was just this weekend, I figured it was about time to share.

Raised by Elves Onesie from Old Navy - This was clearanced after Christmas for less than $2 and the movie Elf is a total favorite in our house for more than one reason. Had to have it. (Considering this is an article of clothing, I felt like this was the purchase that solidified that I have baby brain).

Snail dresser knob from Anthropologie - Another clearance find that's going to look perfect on a little side table or nightstand someday.

Rotating Constellation Light from Ikea - I saw this was being discontinued this weekend so I grabbed one for $12. Then I found one lone box in the as-is department for $7 and swapped for that one. Score.

Round Owl Containers from Ikea - These adorable boxes were my very first baby buy. And my mom was with me and agreed that I had to have them, so I feel like that justifies it.

Anyone else planning for family members that aren't even in the plans yet? Or is it just me?