Better Late Than Never

I realized that I never posted an image of our 2012 Christmas card here, and although the holidays are over, it's a good 5-second recap of our year that I still thought would be fun to share. And, it's just about the only picture we have where Louie happens to look as happy-go-lucky as he actually is instead of looking angry like he usually does in photos, so that's fun too!

(you can click on the image to read it larger if you'd like)

I went back and forth for weeks about the design on the card (shocker, I know), and stressed myself out over not having a professional photo of us for it. In the end, I loved that we got a picture in our house, with Louie, looking (mostly) normal at our Ugly Christmas Sweater party. It's much more "us" than any professional photo would ever be, and I'll save complicated photo shoots like that for things like babies and major anniversaries :). While I originally just had a cute little holiday greeting on the side, I threw together the quick year in review on a whim late the night before I HAD to print these, and I'm so glad I decided to go this route instead. I don't ever want to send people super long letters that go on and on about everything we've done in the past year, but I figured some quick tidbits were fun and I absolutely love the little "headlines" we came up with for it. 

So, a happy belated holidays from Dan, Louie and I! I'm excited to see what our 2013 recap may look like 12 months from now...