Sweetness from the Weekend

He's going to be such an awesome father someday.
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How was your weekend? Mine was great from a workout standpoint - I went to a kickboxing class on Saturday morning that appropriately kicked my butt, and a Zumba class Sunday that was so SO much fun. Seriously. I never thought I'd be cracking up at the same time as getting a phenomenal workout, but there I was with 30 or so other women laughing hysterically while trying to learn how to shake our butts as well as the instructor. I chatted with one girl in the locker room after class and she put it perfectly - "Hey, laughing while working out? I'll take it. Extra calories burned!" If it's not already clear, I am LOVING my new gym membership, and I'm excited to continue to learn about different classes and exercises that will help me get in shape.

We also did lots of errand running and a little shopping this weekend. I got a couple workout tanks and compression capris from Old Navy and Gap, both of whom have all their activewear on super sale right now. And, I ordered the gym bag I was wishing for! Dan actually found the smaller one I was thinking about at Target, and after we packed it all up with my gym shoes, a change of clothes and a sweatshirt, we confirmed that it's just a little too small so I went ahead and ordered the larger one. It looks like it'll be a good week or more before I have it, but I'm already excited about it.

And, as illustrated above, we squeezed in some time with our adorable nieces Saturday evening. It's so crazy to me that in just a matter of a couple of weeks between visits the girls change so much as they continue to grow. Mayah has gone from being shy and taking hours to warm up to us to hyper and goofy when we walk in the door over the last few months. Kadence practically tackled me with a hug and a huge "Auntie Kelly!!!!" when I walked in the door (melt my heart), and has morphed into an independent little girl with a huge personality. And then there's Neyome, who everyone says looks just like Dan as a baby and is becoming more and more smiley every time we see her. I've been telling her lately that if my babies look anything like her (which they very well might because she really does look JUST like Dan), then I'll be happy because that means my babies will be absolutely adorable.

Happy Monday friends! And, Go IRISH!