If I had a Million Dollars: Work It Out

As mentioned in my little 2013 goals list, I joined a gym! So naturally, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time online in the last few days browsing around for the perfect gym bag and all kinds of other workout accessories that I may "need". I already have lots of fun and cute workout clothing, thanks to my generally casual style and times in the past where I've sworn I was going to get in shape and bought a bunch of gear to get ready for exercise that inevitably never happened, so I'm pretty much all set in the clothing category. But my very first workout yesterday quickly taught me that I need to get organized and have one place that I can keep all my stuff so I don't look like a bag lady running to and from the gym, and so I don't leave my glasses in my locker when I leave and have to go back for them like I did right away last night... oops.

So, here's a few things I'm hoping to snag over the next several months as I turn working out into a part of my routine -

Victoria's Secret Sport Headbands ($12.50) - I kind of sort of sweat like a man (no "glistening" here folks), and these have that snazzy body-wicking technology that's supposed to make sweating a little more bearable.

Jawbone UP Band ($129.99) - This is obviously way in the future and not a "need" at all, but my boss got one for Christmas so I looked it up and I'm intrigued. It tracks your sleep and your movement, works with your iPhone to add in things like meals and your mood, and then takes all of that information to help you maintain a better you. It even has an alarm that can track your sleep cycles and wake you up during the ideal timeframe so you feel refreshed. Very cool.

Contigo Addison Water Bottle ($16.24) - I got this water bottle for Dan for Christmas, and I'm a little jealous I didn't get myself one too. It has a pop-up straw spout which is perfect for someone like me who manages to spill almost every time a drink doesn't involve a straw. A 3-pack of these water bottles is currently on sale at Costco for $15, so I'm hoping to grab them this weekend.

Baggu Small Zipper Bags ($8 for 3-pack) - The different sizes here would be perfect for all the little things I need to corral in my bag. One for face wash, deodorant and moisturizer, one for my glasses, and the smallest for my jewelry that I don't want to wear while working out. And, they're nylon, so any toiletry spills would be contained and easily cleaned up.

Inspire for Women Yurbuds ($29.99) - I've always had an issue with headphones not staying in my apparently small ears, and while I did find a pair about a year ago that I love and stay in better than the standard shape, that unfortunately was not the case once I was moving at a more rapid pace last night. These are supposedly perfect for women and working out, and the nylon cord helps them to not tangle.

Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag ($48) - The one actual necessity on this list - the perfect gym bag! This bag gets rave reviews across the board, and my favorite feature is the separate mesh pocket for your smelly gym shoes. I haven't gone ahead and purchased this yet because I'm not totally sold that I need something quite this size considering I am obviously very new to this whole working out thing, but the same brand also offers a smaller and simpler designed Metro gym bag for $20 that I'll go for if I decide against the larger one. Either way, I'm excited to get my hands on one of these bags soon!