Be Mine

While I appreciate Valentine's Day as an extra reason to show the person you love just how awesome you think they are, the hubs and I usually don't do much besides a nice dinner out to celebrate. This year, I convinced him to go out a few days early so we can participate in Chicago Restaurant Week - we have a reservation for dinner at Frontier Saturday night and I cannot wait to spend the evening in the city with him and some delicious food. And, we'll be in Florida for the actual Valentine's Day, so as long as we're together and I'm not bundled up in a coat, hat and gloves, I'll be a happy camper!

Regardless of us not going all out on gifts, I though it'd be fun to do a little roundup of love-ish kind of things (which to me is pretty much just anything pink or gold or sparkly) that I wouldn't mind receiving ;).

Heart PJ Set ($16.80)  |  LOVE Paperweight ($68)  |  Essie Plumberry Polish ($8)
Sailor's Knot Studs ($48)  |  Gold Urchin ($20)  |  Twirl Perfume ($65)
Fuschia Ikat Pillow ($45)  |  Always Pillow ($39.90, but sold out by the time I found it. Womp.)