Getting Dolled Up

As the bestie's wedding gets closer and closer (we're under 100 days folks!) we've started thinking about some of the fun little details... you know, like how we're going to do our hair and makeup. The important stuff ;). Bridget is using the same girls that did hair and makeup for our wedding, so we already know they're great, and they're super affordable too which is always nice.

Bridget is the best bride ever in the sense that she's been ridiculously laid back and is letting each of us girls pick out our own gray dress. I found a REAL fun strapless number at Nordstrom Rack on a whim, so I'm set in that camp. I'm super excited about my dress, and if the bride is up for it, I'm also excited to give a little bit more of a dramatic makeup look a shot. Since I literally do my makeup the same way every single day, I figure having someone do it professionally is a great chance to try out something new. Smoky eye, here I come!

And when it comes to hair, I'm hoping to go with something that walks the perfect line between fun/casual and classy/sophisticated. Here's some inspiration for both hair and makeup that I've been pinning.

What do you think? Can I pull off makeup that's a little more bold? Or is this look not summery enough for a June wedding?