Happy Weekend!

Tomorrow kicks off the official wedding celebrations for my bestie - it's Bridget's bridal shower! I'm super excited that her wedding is getting closer each day - it means lots of projects and crafts! And, considering my wedding quite literally wouldn't have happened without Bridget, I'm pumped to be on the other side now and let her delegate projects to me to help make her vision come to life. There's so many times I can recall just in the last few years that I really needed Bridget, and she's been there for me every single time. The e-card above kind of perfectly describes our friendship, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I spent last night cranking out fun little details like signs for the favor table and the last few name tags for all the lovely ladies attending tomorrow, and believe it or not, I feel like I'm actually in a good spot with my list. I am SO excited to spend some time with all of the bridesmaids getting to know each other better, and extra excited for the champagne bar... and candy bar... and dessert table...

I'm also excited that today marks the beginning of March. It's always one of my favorite months thanks to Forest Park St. Patrick's Day (next Saturday!) which is quite literally my favorite day of the year. This year, we're expecting about 40 people at our annual breakfast at the house, and I can't wait. We ordered t-shirts, there's a hashtag for fun photos, and Jeff is coming in from out of town.

Outside of my favorite day of the year, I'm looking to March to be kind of a restart for the healthy lifestyle I was loving so much in January. I did such a great job with going to the gym and eating better... and then I had a pitch at work that involved a week of late nights (no gym) and lots of ordering in for the team. I was barely back in the swing of things for a week before I came down with the stomach flu and a cold, and flat out didn't have the energy to workout for two weeks. Not cool. I guess the good news is that given I had no appetite and pretty much lived on chicken noodle soup for 10 days, it's not like I was pigging out on cheeseburgers or anything. I finally got a couple of workouts in this week and after tomorrow's shower I'm set on getting back to eating well.

What are your plans for the weekend?