If I had a Million Dollars: Jonathan Adler for JCP

People. I don't know how I missed this. The one and only Jonathan Adler has launched a line of things I can afford at JCPenney. And I, of course, want everything.

After stumbling on this earth shattering news via Pinterest, I obviously did some crazed virtual window shopping and settled on a ridiculous number of items from the collection that I've decided I just have to have. I'm sure it comes as a surprise to absolutely no one that I am enamored with nearly every single thing that involves an owl or a bright color, as evidenced by my little roundup below. I cannot wait to go and check all of this out in person (full disclosure: I might go tonight) and get my hands on a couple of pieces.

My favorites are below and are majority decorative accents as we really don't need any furniture. Let me tell you this though - if I were rich I would snatch up 6 of those tufted chairs for the dining room in a heartbeat. I'm in love. I'm also smitten with the lamps (and their price tags) and think both would be welcome pops of color in our updated bedroom. We've talked about hiring an electrician to put in an outlet on the bed side of our room so we can actually have lamps on the nightstands, and these are making me want to do that sooner than later! Based on a couple of in-store photos I've seen it looks like the lamps are teeny-tiny, which could explain the low prices, but that could be perfect for our cramped bedsides. The kitchen goodies would also be perfect little accessories to amp up the space - the canisters would be gorgeous on the counter or kitchen cart, but air-tight is a must have for me so we'll see what they're like in person. And the owl bookends and candle holder? Have to have.

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Is there anything in the full collection that you're as excited about as I am?