It's been one of those weeks... and it's only Wednesday. I blame daylight savings time, which I absolutely love because it means it isn't dark at 4pm anymore, but I also despise because it means that when my alarm goes off at 6:45 my body still thinks it's 5:45... and that just doesn't really fly with me. Regardless, I love the quote above. It gives me hope that Spring really is just around the corner, which means I won't have to shiver walking to the office or put slippers on the second I walk in the house. It means that soon, there won't be any more ice for me to slip on (it's happened a ridiculous amount of times this year), and it means that I can put away the big bulky sweaters and break out some fun flats. It means evening walks with Dan and Louie, grilling dinners on the back porch and just feeling more refreshed in general. I can't wait.

I'm over you, Winter. Please go away soon.