Thanks to Pinterest

It's Friday! And it's supposed to be 50 degrees in Chicago! I've got a little bit of Spring fever and have refused to wear sweaters for the last few days, and everything I'm drawn to is more colorful than ever. Here's what I'm hoping is in store for the weekend, thanks to some inspiration from Pinterest.

- Pretty marbled Easter eggs. Does anyone else still insist on dyeing eggs every year, even as an adult? Besides the fact that I love hard boiled eggs but literally only make them at Easter time, I love that there's always new dyeing techniques popping up to try out. These ones would be a perfect way to use up some of the old nail polish I have and don't really use anymore.

- Washi tape on EVERYTHING. What an easy way to make almost anything more colorful! Washi tape is insanely cheap now that it's crazy popular, and it's not super sticky so it would likely peel off most surfaces after a few weeks if you change your mind. 

- Thumbtack art. I'm pretty sure I have an old small bulletin board laying around that would be fun to try this with. It looks like the perfect project for a rainy day... or a lazy Saturday at home like I'm planning for tomorrow.

- Booties + a spring dress. So, I'm totally in love with my new shoes, and I also have a total girl crush on Kendi, so pulling fashion inspiration from her is a no-brainer. Yay for what looks like an effortless way to look cute in church on Easter Sunday!