The Shoes from my Dreams

I've never really been a shoe fanatic, and to be perfectly honest, I sort of hate shoe shopping in general. 99% of my flats are from Target and cost $14.99 or less a pair, and I usually grab a couple cute pairs of flat sandals at the Gap Outlet when it gets warm and they last me through the summer. For the colder months though, I've found it important to buy quality boots that will last. I snatched up my beloved navy gloss Hunter boots on Gilt last year, and I absolutely love them for rain or snow. And at the beginning of this winter I got super lucky and found brown boots, black boots AND gray boots at Nordstrom Rack all in one trip, and I've been set for the entire season.

As much as I don't usually swoon over shoes, I've really been wanting a pair of booties to wear with skinny jeans for a LONG time. But, as per usual, I had a very very specific list of requirements for what I wanted, so it's taken several months to track something down. Thanks to a work bonus and some shopping with Manda over the weekend, I have found the booties of my dreams, and I am so excited about them.

From Dolce Vita and an awesome $79 at Nordstrom Rack (also available at ModCloth, although not on sale), these shoes meet all of the requirements I had in mind - suede, gray-ish, not too tall chunky heel and nice and "loose" at the top. To say I love them would be an understatement.

Did anyone else splurge a little this weekend? I also grabbed a bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and am excited to have a fresh new scent for spring!