Wish List: Pantone Pairings

Minneapolis based designer David Schwen started a series of "Pantone Pairings" with food that I first discovered thanks to Instagram last month. While his #pantonepairings hashtag ended up sparking lots of knockoffs, David's original works are incredible and flawless. And now, he's offering limited edition prints of many of the awesome pairings, and I am eager to grab one to frame and hang somewhere in the kitchen at home. Problem is, I can't decide which one!

I love the simplicity of salt + pepper -
But chips + salsa are pretty much my favorite things -

Peanut butter + jelly is kind of the perfect classic -

 And so is cake + ice cream (And it's vanilla ice cream! Which I can eat!) -

Pancakes + syrup would be fitting for us considering we go through Costco-sized boxes of Bisquick real good and quick... but this one is lacking some fun color for me -

Bacon + eggs just might be the winner. We have a deep love for bacon in our household, and this also fits in to the classic feel I like from some of the others -

Thoughts? Which one is your favorite? There's lots more on the Pantone Pairings website to choose from, too!

Happy Friday friends! Hope your weekends are as fun as I think mine is going to be!