Change of Plans

I wrote some excited posts last month about a family trip to Vegas, and the couple of days in the Grand Canyon that Dan and I were planning at the front end of the vacation. Well, thanks to jobs and being real adults and all that, not everyone was able to make the trip in the end, and we decided to also not go once we heard that. BUT, since we already had the vacation time approved at our jobs, and we had the money set aside for a vacation anyways, and I'm dying to say I've left the country, AND we never really went on a real honeymoon after our wedding... the hubs and I got crazy and booked a trip to Mexico!

We found a fantastic deal on Groupon for a hotel that gets rave reviews, and booked our flights early enough that they weren't too bad. In fact, having to get my passport expedited since I just applied for it a few days ago cost nearly as much as our entire 5-night hotel reservation, which was a little ridiculous, but I'm not complaining. We've got plans to lay on the beach, check out some Mayan ruins, spend some time out on the town and potentially indulge in a couple's massage. After a long winter and the mediocre "spring" weather we've been having here in Chicago, I cannot wait for a little taste of summer heat.

I'm home sick today with a terrible cold, which I've decided to blame on the 2 straight weeks of rain that finally ended over the weekend. I'm hoping the fact that I'm sick now means I will be 110% healthy for our trip, seeing as I haven't had the best luck with that so far this year.