For the Love of: Ikea

When I found out they were opening an Ikea just blocks from my father-in-law's house back when the hubby and I first started dating, I freaked out. Ikea is without a doubt my very favorite place for affordable home goods and furniture, and their ever-changing merchandise makes it easy to drop in and grab a few small items to spruce up the house without breaking the bank. 

I stopped in for lightbulbs Saturday evening after visiting with my adorable nieces and of course ended up grabbing a few other small things once I realized there were a ton of bright and summery items out on the shelves. I'm pumped to have some new COLOR around the house as the weather warms up!

The plastic wine glasses are already sitting out on the front porch ready for game nights, and the minty green tray took it's place on the dining room table. I have a serious infatuation with straws and these colorful ones are extra wide and perfect for smoothies. And the flamingo glasses?!? No way I was passing those up for 99 cents each!