Giant Jenga

So, this happened this weekend. (And I of course only had my iPhone out to document it.)

That's right. The hubby (and Jamie) made a giant Jenga set, which we enjoyed in the garage with friends, sliders with brie and bacon, and drinks in mason jars. Best way ever to spend a Spring Saturday evening? I think so.

I don't have a real tutorial for this because it was insanely simple, but if you're looking to make your own set that's about the size of a 3rd grader... here's a quick rundown on how to tackle it:

- Go to Home Depot and buy six 2x4x8' boards
- Ask the handy guys at Home Depot with the giant wall-saw to cut the boards to 10.5 inch pieces for you. They will do this for FREE.
- Take your 54 cut pieces of wood home, and give them a quick sanding with a block (or skip this step for now if you're like us and you're super excited to just play the game)
- Stack the pieces up just like a Jenga game on a flat surface - 3 to a row, alternating rows horizontally and vertically.
- Grab some friends and play the coolest game of Jenga ever.

Note: WATCH YOUR TOES. Mine are insanely fragile and break like sticks, so playing this game was a little nerve-racking for me knowing that the tower would eventually fall. Thankfully, nobody was harmed during the making of or playing of this game, and it was an awesomely fun time.

How was your weekend?