Alright. I know the whole "April showers bring May flowers" thing is a saying and all that, but come on Chicago. It has been raining for 4 days now, and Saturday is calling for snow flurries. SNOW! In April! I'm over it. And seeing as I can barely pull myself together on a regular day with gorgeous weather, it comes as no surprise that I have referred to myself as a hot mess at least a dozen times this week in apology to everyone around me.

The good news is that the week is almost over, and with the hubby's birthday being tomorrow we have some fun plans in store. But first!! A little sneak peek of something I'm super proud of and insanely giddy about - Bridget's wedding invitations! We got the first half all done and ready to mail out last night, and considering I genuinely like them more than the invitations from my own wedding, saying I'm excited about these is an understatement. I'll post a full recap of them once we know they've all gone through the mail to guests. Until then, feel free to swoon over all the fun patterns together like I've been doing.