If I had a Million Dollars: Front Porch Dreaming

We have a really great enclosed front porch at our house that's flooded with natural light thanks to walls full of windows. I literally have dreams about having friends over to play a board game with snacks and drinks out on the porch, but I've never managed to get the space set up properly for that. This is largely due to the fact that since it's not an all-season space and we really haven't used it much in the years we've been there, we haven't wanted to put any real money into furnishing it. It's been a hodge-podge of garage sale and craigslist finds for years, and currently even houses a tufted leather couch that I dragged home from the alley down the block (I assure you Dan was super thrilled with that adventure). Well, the couch really does belong in the alley, there's too many random end tables and ottomans out there, and our pile of board games doesn't have a real home. I'm determined to get the room in a better place this spring... likely again without spending much money at all. BUT! If money were no object, I'd snatch up this whole little getup in a split second and make the space all homey and amazing. Behold, my cozy dream front porch, all from my heaven on earth happy place - Target.

lamp  |  mirror  |  settee  |  pillow  |  curtains  |  vase  |  gold elephant  |  end table

With nearly every single one of these pieces on sale, this whole makeover really wouldn't be all that bad. That being said, while I may pick up a couple of the small decorative accents, I likely won't splurge on any of the bigger items (truth be told, there's not even electricity on the porch for a lamp anyways, but I can dream). I'll be sure to post photos as I transform the space over the coming months!