Take a Hike

As mentioned yesterday, the hubby and I are going to take a little detour to the Grand Canyon for a couple of days before our family Vegas trip. We're definitely not major outdoorsy people or anything, so I'm expecting a couple of short hikes and lots of sightseeing and picture taking while we're at the Grand Canyon. I would REALLY love to catch a sunrise or sunset as well, which I'm fairly certain would be completely and totally breathtaking.

Since we won't be taking any of the super long or difficult hikes, I think our "essentials" are pretty basic. Lots of water, comfy clothes and a simple first aid kit for when I inevitably trip and fall on a stray stick or rock. :)

Clockwise from top left:
GapFit Zip-up Hoodie (these are ALWAYS at the Outlet for half the price)  |  Oil-free Sunscreen  |  Camelbak Hydration Pack (I just saw a similar version at Costco for $29.99!)  |  J&J Travel First Aid Kit  |  lululemon No Slip Headband  |  Champion Running Tank  |  Champion Shorts

Am I missing anything? Any recommendations for which hikes to take in the Grand Canyon? I found a great PDF guide on their website with tons of options, but we're starting from scratch as we've never been there so any advice anyone has would be great!