The 4 C's

How was your weekend? We did lots of celebrating for the hubby's birthday Friday and Saturday, and I did a little shopping with my mom and Manda at an outdoor mall yesterday which was perfect since it was a gorgeous 68 degrees out. In between all the fun, Dan rented a "rug doctor" thanks to an accident by Louie in the living room, and we ended up on a bit of a floor cleaning frenzy that ended with me mopping half the house and scrubbing the bathroom grout with a toothbrush late last night. Nothing like a little puppy mishap to get the cleaning gears going I suppose.

I mixed up the format for my "Thanks to Pinterest" post for this week and structured it into "4 C's" - cooking, cleaning, clarity and crafting.

Cooking. I am determined to succeed at making a poached egg, thanks to a recent brunch I had with my aunt, uncle and cousin where I pigged out on poached eggs over corned beef hash. SO GOOD.

Crafting. As I figure out plans for the front porch, I continue to go back and forth on wanting a "real" couch and wanting to make one out of pallets. If I can track down some free pallets, this will obviously be the route I go. And how fun would it be to make cushions in any fabric I want?!

Clarity. I needed this little reminder this weekend.

Cleaning. I'm on a decluttering spree and told the hubs I'd like to tackle one room a night and just minimize the incredible amount of stuff we seem to have accumulated. We're planning a big garage sale in the coming weeks and I'm anxious to unload a ton of the clutter that's currently taking up huge chunks of the porch, office and basement. First up on my list is the office, which I'd love to get as bright and organized as this image.

What do you have planned for this week? Anyone else in the middle of a cleaning frenzy?