Almost Heaven

There is nothing quite like spending a weekend at the lake with family and friends, sitting by a bonfire every night with hoodies, marshmallows and drinks, paddling (sometimes in circles) around the lake in a canoe, grilling almost every meal, chopping wood and driving a four-wheeler around the yard. Even raking leaves is more enjoyable when you're at the lake. Everything is just better. More relaxing. Slower. More cherished.

Thanks to spending the last 4 days doing just that, I'm struggling a little to get back into the swing of things this morning. The rain we're having here isn't helping, but regardless, it's already Tuesday and based on my emails it looks like I'm walking into a crazy busy week at work so it's time to get back in gear.

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend as much as I did. If you're interested, check out lots more photos of our little mini-vaca over on Instagram!