Coming Soon... to a Front Porch Near You...

Guess what the hubs and I did this morning? Here's a hint -

And another hint -

One more -

Last one, I promise -

Any guesses? 

Ok I'll spill. We took a ride out to Franklin Park and picked up 5 awesome (and dusty) wood pallets, which I am planning to turn into a couch for the front porch right away this weekend. I canNOT wait. Thanks to my pal Tim, I got the pallets for a measly $2 each from his cousin's work, and by some small miracle they fit into the back of the CRV perfectly for us to bring them home. Tim's cousin loaded them into the car and the hubs unloaded them, so I have managed so far to not even get my hands dirty on this project. I genuinely expect that to change this weekend, and I am honestly really excited about it.

Next Wednesday is the latest Pinterest Challenge from Young House Love and Bower Power, which kicked me into gear a little bit on getting this done. I've been talking about doing this for ages, so I'm grateful for Tim helping me get the pallets to actually tackle it and be able to take part in the link-up again.

So, check back next Wednesday for what will hopefully be a successful unveiling of a really awesome project. If it's a total bust, I'll spray paint some jars and stick flowers in them and call that a DIY or something instead. Wish me luck.