DIY: Heart Print Jeans

Well I'm getting all kinds of acquainted with little foam paint brushes and fun paint colors this week aren't I? Tonight, with the help of the kid sister, I decided to tackle something I've been wanting to try for quite some time - DIY "printed" jeans. And, thanks to my obsession with buying the $10.50 jeans at Forever 21 in bulk, I had 3 pairs of the exact same pants which meant one of them clearly needed a makeover. This project was so easy and fun that the other two pairs may be getting changed up in the near future as well.

Fair warning - this is one of those posts where you're just going to have to deal with every single picture having different coloring. I swear I will learn to use my camera properly someday.

Step 1: Grab yourself a pair of $10.50 Forever 21 jeans, lay them out on a flat surface and shove some thin cardboard in the legs.

Step 2: Fold a piece of heavy paper in half and cut out a cute little heart. Or cut out 4 cute little hearts before you get one you're happy with like I did.

Step 3: Hold the stencil down good and flat on your jeans and use a little round sponge brush to dab on some paint. I went with gold since I thought white was boring but gold was still acceptable (well, as acceptable as gold hearts on jeans can be for an almost-31-year-old). Don't use too much paint or there's a better chance of the stencil bleeding!

I used the little card my stencil was on as a general guide for how far apart to space the hearts, but for the most part I eyed it and just tried to keep them generally lined up.

Step 4: Make your sister carefully put the jeans on well before they're dry so you can take pictures for your blog because a work pal requested it (Hi Jackie!). Promise the sister you won't have her face in the pictures.

Step 5: Wish your sister wore the same size shoes as you, since your booties do look extra cute on her.

You can see there's a couple of spots where I got paint and it didn't belong, but that doesn't bother me a whole lot. Truth be told, I haven't stenciled the back of the pant legs yet, but am planning to do so tomorrow because I'm reeeeeeally excited to wear these over the weekend! If I'm feeling bold, I may even take a picture of myself in them instead of making my much skinnier little sister do it for me ;).

Happy Friday, friends! I'll be back Monday with another DIY, and also have the full porch tour scheduled for a post next week!