DIY: Quick Canvas Art

I promised a DIY-a-day for the next several days, and this first one is super simple and barely took a half hour to complete. That's my kind of project!

I've had this wall decal from Urban Outfitters pinned for awhile now, and love the quote, but I'm not a fan of decals and knew I could swipe the quote for something more fitting instead.

I grabbed a small canvas I already had laying around, a foam brush, some letter stickers and a little bottle of neon pink paint that I picked up at Michael's on a recent trip and got to work.

After laying the stickers out on the canvas and making sure they were good and pressed down, I went over the entire thing with a couple quick coats of the neon pink paint.

Once the paint dried some, I peeled the stickers off... and then learned that my stickers were a little too old and not as sticky as I needed them to be, so the paint bled a bit. I touched the entire thing up with a tiny brush and some white paint, and while it was a pain, it helped it all look a little more polished in the end. 

I didn't want to get a hammer out, so I just stuck a couple thumbtacks in the wall on the porch and hung the canvas. The horseshoe is from an antique shop we went to on a weekend away in Wisconsin a few years ago, and it was looking a little lonely so I'm loving the bright pop of color underneath it from the canvas!