DIY: Terrarium

I grabbed a terrarium on clearance at West Elm last year with hopes that it would be a foolproof way for me and my lack of a green thumb to have some plant life around the house. Thanks to a sale on succulents at Home Depot a couple weeks ago and a little patience, I am officially testing out the theory that cacti are nearly impossible to kill. We'll see. They are super cute though, aren't they?

I started with a layer of pea gravel at the bottom of the terrarium, and layered regular old top soil over that. Then I just arranged the little succulents in there however I liked and made sure they were "secure" with a little more soil. This was tough given that I apparently have fat hands and could barely get them through the little hole at the front of my terrarium, but I managed. I think I may need to redo the whole thing at some point since the aloe plant is already squished in there and has no room to grow, but we'll see how bold I get. I'm not even entirely sure this qualifies as a DIY exactly, but I'm gonna go with it. If you would like a more defined tutorial, check out this one from Making it Lovely! The fine folks over at West Elm themselves suggested it to me via Twitter (does anyone else freak out when brands tweet at them or is it just me?), and since I've been a fan of Making it Lovely's for years I knew it would be good.

Here's my final product sitting pretty on the front porch!

Happy Monday all! Hope you showered your mom with lots of love yesterday!