Home Tour: Front Porch

It's front porch "tour" time folks! Our DIY pallet couch was the perfect kickoff to a full space makeover, and I'm thrilled with the outcome. Scroll through for more photos than you could ever want to see of my new favorite room in our house!

Obviously, the pallet couch is the main piece in the room, and I love how the pattern really livens up the entire space. The throw pillows are all ones I already had - I'm planning to add a few more over time, and would love a long lumbar pillow to act as sort of a "back" to the long side of the couch.

Thanks to the huge windows, there isn't a whole ton of actual wall space, but the far corner of the room was perfect to hang up handmade pinwheels from our wedding. The paper lanterns are also from the wedding, but I'm thinking I might take them down (or spray paint them?) eventually seeing as there is a LOT of blue in the room overall. You can also catch a glimpse of the faux bamboo side table in the corner that I scored at Dan's work community garage sale last year for $8. I'm thinking that will get a fresh coat of a different color very soon since it is ALSO blue.

We needed somewhere to sort mail, so the awesome little $5 metal cart that I found at Goodwill during the Young House Love Unofficial Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge got added in with some fun acrylic wine glasses and a small white tray on top for mail. The Missoni for Target crate fits underneath the cart perfectly for some of my hundreds of magazines, and the big basket is perfect storage for a couple extra floor pillows.

The main table in the space is an awesomely affordable Ikea Lack table that will be perfect for all those game nights I'm dreaming about.

A couple of vases on top of the table house the air plants my very best friend in the world surprised me with - she claims they're nearly impossible to kill. We'll see. ;)

I really hope I don't kill them, because they're super cute.

The opposite side of the room is more functional than pretty and fun like the area with the pallet couch, but I still wanted to make it look good. Right next to the door is another magazine holder (I seriously have a problem) and a vintage printing block tray I fell in love with on a thrifting day with the hubs last summer.

Like I said - this is the "not pretty" side of the room, and there's a lot packed in there but I love the $5 garage sale score storage cabinet that holds extra shoes and all of our board games. On top of the cabinet is a basket for the dustbuster and a few other little things and a few vases of tissue paper flowers from our wedding. Next to that, the coat rack also holds Buddy Louie's leashes and a small basket up top of some other random dog necessities. 

Opposite the door into the house (which is in the right side of the image above next to the coat rack) is my very very very favorite craigslist find ever - my first piece of campaign furniture! I found this little guy for $20 in Bolingbrook on a search for an end table with storage for the porch, and it is absolutely perfect. It could use a fresh coat of paint but I'm kind of loving the dings and imperfections so for now all I'm planning to do is line the drawers with some patterned paper.

Campaign hardware makes me giddy.

My terrarium, a favorite engagement photo and a couple of little knick-knacks from West Elm sit on top of the campaign piece.

To finish up the tour, one last shot of the pallet couch! I am so glad this project worked out as planned and kicked off a weekend of extreme cleaning and organizing in a space that I've been wanting to makeover for years.

I always knew the porch would be a super low-budget area, and am happy to say that if you add up the pallet couch at about $150 and every single other item in the room including the rug, tables and accessories the whole space still cost around $250 total. Considering a couch alone would generally cost at least that much, I'm incredibly proud of the fact that the entire room was so affordable overall. It took a few years to get there, but I'm thrilled to finally say it's perfect!

What do you think?? Hope you love it as much as I do!